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About CV30

CV30 is the career technology that puts work culture first. 

CV30 is a people-centric career platform, focused on the teams, people and culture that make up a business, not just the nature of the work. Our platform allows you to meet the teams of top employers, see how they work daily, engage with specialists through professional content, all before you apply for a position. 

CV30 is a team of dedicated professionals who know that people do their best work when they are surrounded with like-minded individuals, in a climate where they can truly thrive.

Company`s products & services

On, people post about work, depicting company culture, values, and day-to-day interactions and challenges. Candid videos and snapshots help drive the engagement and career reputation. There is an educational component to this process, as followers can get a feel for an employer and measure the social setting to determine if work-culture is a match. 

We are building the best career technology platform, while offering the best employer branding, marketing and digital communication services.

Work environment

Office life @ CV30

CV30 team embraces the educational and social value of what they do. We are the type of people who want to take a great experience and share it with others. We a ...See more
Career development @ CV30

Career development @ CV30

Building the greatest career technology website gives you the best opportunity to learn the ins and outs of working in a digital start-up, where the only c ...See more

CV30 story by Radu, our Co-founder & CEO

Radu is our daily source of inspiration and drive, he keeps the team motivated and ready to hustle. Watch the video, discover our story and  ...See more
Team spirit @ CV30

Team spirit @ CV30

#officevibe When it's work time, we surely pull a lot of all-nighters (to be honest, not so many because we ace the time management skills), and when it's fun tim ...See more

Meet Lavinia, our Co-founder & CMO

Lavinia speaks about the CV30's mission, team culture and office vibes. Do you want to find out if you are the missing puzzle from our team? Watch ...See more
Meet George, our Project Manager

Meet George, our Project Manager

"For me working at cv30 is like playing a tennis match, where my opponents are the projects i need to complete and deliver. I need to have a good se ...See more

Meet Anca, our Business Development Manager

Anca tells you how she runs the Sales department, what management tools we use and what to expect from a job in Sales as a new joiner.
Meet Oana, our Account Exec

Meet Oana, our Account Exec

"As a part of CV30 team I feel that my opinion is valued because when we need to take an important decision we gather around the table and we debate abou ...See more

Management style @ CV30

Our CEO explains the management style @ CV30 and how we deliver the best results, on a daily basis. Side note: We all make fun when Radu is called “the Boss” ...See more
Meet Codrin, our Video Content Architect

Meet Codrin, our Video Content Architect

"All the work I do at cv30, I like to do it smiling. Make Mondays happy!"
Come & join us!

Come & join us!

We are looking for that perfect piece of the puzzle to match our company culture and if you are open minded, fun to be around, honest and trustworthy, join us to bui ...See more